I’ve Got My Seed Phrase. Now What?

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Never Share Them

Never share your private keys(seed phrase) with anyone. Whoever has the keys has the Bitcoin.

Secure Your Computer

Make sure you are using a computer that is not compromised and is safe to use.

If you don’t know where to start or if you are not sure, check out these ways to protect your computer.

Secure Your Network

While https is encrypted and anything transmitted back and forth between the web server and your device is private, your visit is not.

Is this your IP Address?

At a minimum, your ISP is going to know you visited bitcoinseedbook.com. If your ISP knows, the three letter agencies know as well.

We are working on an ONION solution.

Until then, you should only be accessing this site via a VPN.

Personally, we use NordVPN(Affiliate Link)

Grab a Cypher

Head on over to the Cyphers section.

‣ Bitcoin Seed Book

Select your pnemonic system. Right now, we only have English BIP39.

‣ Bitcoin Seed Book


We host any of the links in The Vault: On-SIte table.

These are broken down into Tomes, which are made up of five one-year Volumes.

Here is a Random Cipher

You can also click on any of the working links in the Published Ebooks table. Find an E-book from any of the sources listed with the UBL.

There are far fewer of these right now, as it takes time to publish them.

Each year is broken down into months. This is because there are page count limits on Ebooks.


We recommend that you download all of our tomes and extract them on your safe device.

This makes it harder for a third party to deduce your cypher.

If you want to be extra awesome, download and seed all our files via your favorite torrent client.

You may want to double-check that the cypher you choose has already been published in E-book form. If that’s something you want to use in the future.

Get Your Numbers

‣ Bitcoin Seed Book

Write your numbers down in the correct order.

NOTE: The numbers must be kept in the same order as your seed words were in.

My example BIP39 12 seed words are and I'm using random cipher 1784-01-08-en-bip39-black-old-fashioned-cardinal:
pizza 5432 educate 6201 fat 6211 kiss 6173 domain 6965 venue 6879 kingdom 6853 raise 7318 split 7226 step 7389 copper 7213 time 7280

Imagine A List Of Number

How do you want to store this list of numbers?

You could stamp them onto a sheet of metal.

You could write them in a ledger and place in a fireproof safe.

Honestly, there are unlimited options. Numbers are easy to hide in plain sight.

Some random looking list of dollar amounts that means nothing to anyone but me:
$54.32 $62.01 $62.11 $61.73 $69.65 $68.79 $68.53 $73.18 $72.26 $73.89 $72.13 $72.80 

Restore Wallet From Numbers

Grab your cypher from the internet.

Select the decode version of the cipher. So, in my case, it would be 1784-01-08-en-bip39-black-old-fashioned-cardinal-decode

And find the corresponding seed word for each number.

Remember: The order matters.