Not your keys. Not your coins.

– Anon

The Goal: Self Custody

Self-custody is the only way to HODL Bitcoin.

It empowers the individual with complete autonomous control of their funds. It eliminates the need to trust or rely on any centralized entity.

HODLers can securely store their Bitcoin offline in Cold Storage, with properly secured private keys, safeguarding them from potential hacks or thefts associated with online platforms.

Proper self-custody ensures autonomy, liberty, and privacy.

However, this comes with new challenges and requires education and vigilance on the HODLers part. 

That’s what we hope to help with.

The Problem

Remembering twelve to twenty-four words in the correct order while possible is not safe or realistic.

I would not bet my stacks on my memory, especially under duress or over time, and how is your family supposed to take ownership when you pass?

Recording your seed words is the next logical solution.

However, they are not secure in your safe or safety deposit box.1

With or without a warrant, one look by a government agent, thief, or brother-in-law, and your keys are gone along with your Satoshi.

The Solution

TL;DR Noise.

Instead of recording BIP39 words in the clear(which are recognizable by any bad actor), record numbers.

Numbers are easily masked. Take, for example, the number 3847. This number represents the BIP39 word adjust in the cipher I’m using for this example.

Without my cipher, the prying eyes have no way of knowing that. Honestly, they have no way of knowing this number represents a BIP39 word.

This number can be represented in many forms and recorded in many places without drawing undo attention.


In numerical form disguised as a list of some sort, one could walk across a border with a seed phrase in hand. With the tyrants, none the wiser.

This could be any cipher system you create, or you can use one of ours.

Ours have the added benefit of being spread around the Internet, so you don’t have to carry your cipher on you when crossing borders or risk it being found in your house.

We aim to create thousands of BIP39 ciphers and spread them all around the internet.

How It Works

Head to our Ciphers section and pick a cipher you’d like to use.

Note you can pick by Date or by Name. The naming convention used is ColorAdjectiveAnimal.

There is an encode and decode file for each.

The .encode file is in alphabetical order so that you can find your pneumonic seed word quickly and note the corresponding number.

The .decode file is in numerical order, so you can find your number quickly when you need to convert it back to your pneumonic seed word.

All of our ciphers start with the number 5432. This is so that in the unlikely event your number list is outed as a representation of your seed phrase, the bad actor would have to know which cipher was used.

For those of you ready to get started. I’ve Got My Seed Phrase is ready to go.

A Note About Security

We will never ask for your private keys or passphrase. Please do not enter sensitive information into the search or any tools on this site. 

Self-custody means that you are the ultimate decider of what is safe and reasonable. 

Use everything we talk about on this site at your own risk.

We are not responsible for lost keys or seed words.

Like the pirate rules, these are mere suggestions.


We will explore ways to minimize or eliminate the risk associated with exposed seed words and various ways to store, transport, and recover seed words using things like Ciphers and Steganography.

Head on over to our Resources and get started.

Want To Help?

Please download and seed our torrent files!

What to mirror some files?

Have some ideas?

Shoot me an email. Denny at bitcoin seed book dot com.

Road Map

  • How To’s and Tutorials
  • ONION site
  • Steganography solutions
  • More languages
  • Better theme